Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kristin and Landon!

We had a lovely time recently when our friends, Kristin and Landon, stopped by Belfast for a visit! In exchange for two boxes of girlscout cookies one of graham crackers, we took them around for a few days. We walked around Belfast the first day (and magically, they were mostly coherent despite the transatlantic flight), then headed to the west coast to Donegal for some natural beauty. We visited a point near Kilcar that was absolutely amazing. To reach it we drove down a potholed farmer’s lane, and had to stop for a sheep and her lamb. The lamb could not jump the stone wall like mama, so it kept running up and down the gate bleating. The most beautiful place I have been on the island yet. Seriously remarkable. See photos. The last day we showed them around the community, Omagh, and headed back to Belfast. We had a blast, but we were exhausted. Here are a couple photos of our time with them—

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