Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Monday was our arrival, and since then I believe we have slept nearly thirty hours. We are still somewhat shell-shocked. We are living in a house called Lilac Cottage, which is quite nice, although a misnomer, as it has no lilacs to speak of. All our photos below are of this house, we have not had a chance to bring the camera elsewhere. This is the place we will sleep, but much of our time is in Rainbow House (I know.). Rainbow is where we will eat, socialize with everyone, and where many of our responsibilities lay. My schedule is set and I am quite happy with it, although Jeff still has some holes in his. Mornings for me will be at the house, doing domestic type things with three women named Jill, Kristin, and Linda. I understand we will do laundry perhaps, and cook the lunch meal for about 15 people (which is like dinner at home, the biggest meal). We have three hours to do all of this, which seems more than enough compared to the one hour I had at Morning Glory cooking for 12 folks. This just means I get to do more exciting things. Only one guy does not like spice, thank goodness! In the afternoon I will be in the weavery. On our tour yesterday we walked in there and I had to pull the doofy grin off my face-- I was a kid in a candy shop! Color everywhere, and piles and piles of yarn. I begin my time there on Monday. More soon!


  1. Can we assume Jeff is still lobbying for cow barn duty?

  2. Well, he will have farm duty it seems two mornings a week, and woodshop every afternoon... but that leaves three mornings. We are still waiting.