Monday, October 12, 2009

Jeff's first post!

Most of you know that Chelsea is the responsible and diligent one but its about time that I made my presence known on this here blog so here goes!

We are just about settled and I had my first day of real "work" today. This morning I got to pick carrots from the field. It is starting to get cold here and that means the crops have to come out lest they rot in the fields. It was quite nice working in the morning as the sun burned of the morning fog. I struggle to understand the farmer Jim through his thick Irish brogue but from his inflection I can usually tell the required response and I just laugh along when it seems to be right. I already have developed somewhat of a poor excuse for an Irish accent that I need to consciously push down. I don't want to sound the stupid american with the terrible accent. But I have already taken to saying Aye and Wee. It just is easier for communicatin'.

In the afternoons I am working in the woodworking shop with I am quite at home with. It is nice to work with tools again. We do almost exclusively carving which will be nice to bolster my creative side. As many of you can imagine, I miss the right angles and straight lines of furniture making but none-the-less it is good to be working with wood and building things again.

Yesterday we got a chance to go on an outing and we posted the pictures below. We are loving our new camera and Ireland will surely bring many more picturesque vistas to capture. We went with our house to some ancient stone circles seen in one picture below with me standing inside. We also drove around and stopped near an old stone farmhouse and the light was phenomenal.

More reflections to come!

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